Blu-ray & DVD Authoring

Blu-ray & DVD Authoring

In the digital age there are myriad ways to deliver your content.  Online and digital distribution streams are great, but sometimes what you need is a physical piece of media that your end-user can actually hold in their hand.

Blu-ray offers HD image quality, full-motion interactive menus and plenty of space for your content. DVD offers affordability, compatibility and unmatched market penetration.  Whether one option works best for you or you need the flexibility of both, ECG Productions has the Blu-ray and DVD solutions to fit your needs.

Blu-ray and DVD authoring desk
Blu-ray and DVD authoring laptop

Whether you produced your project with ECG or you are bringing already existing video assets to the table, we’re ready to help you start designing an interactive viewing experience that will effectively engage your audience.  Are you planning to distribute your finished project commercially?   Need help preparing your assets for a replication house?  Not even sure what the difference between replication and duplication is?   We’re here to help and we’ll get you exactly the final product you’re looking for!

Blu-ray & DVD Authoring Services:

  • Interactive Menu Design
  • Disc/Remote Functionality Programing
  • Packaging Design
  • Disc-surface Artwork Design
  • Commentary Tracks
  • Subtitles/Multiple Language Tracks
  • Copy-Protection
  • Short-Run Duplication
  • Layer-Separated Glass Master Prep