Video Editing

You’ve wrapped production and now it’s time to sculpt the moving images and sounds you’ve captured into an effective and engaging finished product. If you produced your content with ECG, the post-production process that started with our on-set DIT workflow now moves into the edit suite and can begin immediately.  If you’ve come to us with existing assets, we’ll need to analyze what you have and formulate a workflow strategy before diving into the editorial process.

Whether you’d prefer to sit in on edit sessions or receive rough cuts remotely via our private client dropbox, you’ll be intimately involved with the editorial process every step of the way as we continue to craft your story.  ECG Productions maintains both Macintosh and PC-based edit suites running a variety of non-linear editing software solutions.

We’re able to handle audio & video content in any format you throw at us, and can provide output in any deliverable medium you prefer: DVD, Blu-ray, online streaming video, Video On Demand (VOD), mobile device, broadcast television and even theatrical exhibition. Should you require video compression to reach a specific file or frame size, or conversion to alternate frame rates or video standards for foreign markets, we’re equipped to get you exactly the outputs you need, on-time and on-budget.

If you’re producing a television commercial with us, you’ll be pleased to know that in addition to maintaining relationships with broadcasters and cable operators in the Atlanta area, ECG Productions is DG FastChannel dropbox certified and can handle the traffic and insertion of your spot to any major television market in the country, in-house and with minimal turn-around time.