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Born and raised in Atlanta, Anneli Brown has always shared a strong connection with the arts and visual expression. Finger painting on the walls of her home as a child led to a BFA in painting from The University of Notre Dame. During college, she not only embraced her love of the fine arts, but found ways to expand upon her skillset in the digital arts space. She discovered her love for animation through the production and post production of stop motion pictures using programs like AfterEffects, Illustrator and Photoshop. She also got much better at finger painting.

Before her senior year, Anneli started an internship at Entertainment Creative Group where she worked on set in the art department, assisted with animation, redesigned ECG’s business cards, and made wearing onesies to the office fashionable. Throughout her final year of college, she continued to freelance for ECG  creating storyboards and illustrated assets, all while working to finish her painting thesis. When Anneli returned to Atlanta for a visit, ECG requested a custom mural in the studio. And before completing her senior year, she had secured a full-time position as a graphic designer and animator.

Anneli now spends her time at ECG working diligently on all kinds of projects, whilst fending for her life, as the rest of the office has discovered how easily startled she is, and scare her on a daily basis. They all find it very funny. She does not.

Though she lives in fear, Anneli is thrilled to be a part of the ECG team and to have the opportunity to explore new facets of animation, as that is what drew her to films in the first place. Anneli is endlessly fascinated by the creative process of cartoons, stop motion films, and motion design. She brings her childlike whimsy to her art and uses animation as a vehicle to convey narratives in a way that no other video format can.

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