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Jason Sirotin’s storied production career has spanned the country and run the gamut of capabilities. Fresh out of college, Jason became a go-to videographer for major syndicates like MSNBC, FOX NEWS, and CNN, and garnered praise from his peers along the way.

Even from behind the camera, Jason’s attention to detail and managerial acumen did not go unnoticed, and with some luck, he began a rapid ascendancy up the production ladder.

Over the next few years, Jason did everything from working as the Head of Production & Programming for the cable network, curating and producing content for media giant Howard Stern’s network, Howard TV, and even lead producing feature films. Along the way, Jason not only collected awards and admiration from others in the production industry, he also saw both the teams and the brand impact grow at each place he worked.

In 2007, Jason decided it was time to make the ultimate test of his skills. Joining up with his former cohorts, Jason Marraccini and Trey Gregory, the three decided to start their own Atlanta-based production company. And thus, ECG Productions was born.

Since then, ECG has been at the forefront of the Atlanta production scene, producing everything from commercials, tv show pilots, feature films, and music videos. Through it all, Jason’s production-first mindset and keen eye for visuals have kept him at the cutting edge of the industry.

Jason has produced & directed 6 feature films, 500 episodes of broadcast television, countless commercials, and dozens of music videos to date. He doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon.

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