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Senior Colorist

Jenn Lee 2020 Headshot

As ECG’s Senior Colorist, Jenn has a keen eye and mastery of both the technical and creative aspects of storytelling. You can find some of her work on Pottermore, Amazon, and in film festivals, worldwide. Jenn has color graded a wide range of projects from feature films, TV shows, music videos, commercials, and everything in between.

Jenn joined the ECG family in 2014, moving all the way to Atlanta from her sleepy little home town of Whitney Point, New York. Jenn’s drive to refine her color skills led her to study at the International Colorist Academy. At ECG she grew the color department from the ground up, and in 2018 became a full member of the Colorist Society International.

When she is not behind her spaceship of a desk making everything look cool, you can find helping out Furkids Atlanta with their foster program by bottle-feeding orphaned kittens. Other times she is busy riding her badass 70’s motorcycle, or adding to her collection of even more ‘badass’ anime tattoos.

Jenn sees her work as a collaboration with the director and the director of photography. Her goal as the Colorist is to elevate what the cinematographer has already captured on set. She loves the killer team that works around her, who let her focus completely on the look and feel of each project, knowing that talented storytellers can take care of the rest. Jenn enjoys being able to bring the finishing touches to all of the projects the come through ECG.

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