Tsunami Tuna


Constantly trying to balance their vendetta against humanity with their penchant for just getting high on seaweed, Tsunami, a forty-foot radioactive tuna, and RAD, a bionic dolphin with PTSD, have various encounters across the oceans of the world. Their fish army is headquartered in a sunken cruise ship, or at least will be if they can ever convince anyone else to join. Two gay mackerels, Nino and Roger, do live with them in the ship, but care more about candlelit dinner dates than reclaiming the oceans. During their adventures, Tsunami and RAD encounter militant orcas, efficient shrimp, bro-sharks, self-loathing whales, hippie porpoises, horny narwhals and more. All the while being hunted by their arch-nemesis, the gentle Russian fisherman turned crazed sea dog, Captain Vladic.


A giant radioactive tuna and a robotically-enhanced dolphin attempt to recruit a newly released orca into their fish army, only to discover the orca wishes to go back to the comfort of captivity.

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