The Warrior Alliance | Warrior Committed

Veterans make strides towards a brighter future in this inspiring promotional video for The Warrior Alliance.

Everyone likes to say they support the troops, but for veterans, action means more than words. For this promo video, The Warrior Alliance wanted to make clear veterans don’t need sympathy; they need allies. Coming back from war isn’t easy, and our systems don’t always offer them tools they need to succeed. Over a two day shoot, we conducted interviews with several veterans–some of whom work with the WA, others who have been helped by them–and shot b-roll around Atlanta to tie it together. 

The interviews showed the heart and determination of these people. From Vietnam to Afghanistan, every veteran we spoke to had the same message: respect veterans for the skills they offer, not just the service they provided. 

We shoot interviews all the time, but these posed a unique challenge. Not because our subjects weren’t good on camera–quite the opposite! They were uniquely well-spoken and cutting the video down to our target runtime was incredibly difficult. Not bad, as problems go! Director Seth Johnson put everyone at ease and it showed. Our two camera setup featured our Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro and the RED Monstro on loan from our friends at LensHead Media. The mobility of the Ursa made it the choice for our b-roll day. Editor Cameron Shaw brought the match-cut concept to fruition, and Seth pulled double-duty to knock out the graphics, too.

The video aired at a private event at Mercedes-Benz to rave reviews. The client was thrilled, and the vets got the heroic depiction they deserve all the time. All and all, an effort worthy of a solute!




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