Zynga Poker | The Best Tips & Tricks Video Series

Ante Up With Our Can’t Miss Tips & Tricks Series For Zynga Poker

Tutorial videos are quickly becoming a specialty of ours and making completely animated videos is right in our wheelhouse! With Seth Johnson, our Animation Director, at the helm, and our sound mixers, Matthew Harriott and Cassie Corlett, these tutorial videos truly come to life.

This was an especially fun project because we were able to reinterpret gameplay in a visually interesting and dynamic way using art from great artists who are working at one of the biggest game companies in the world. 

The concept was to use the character Rose (based upon the lead from Molly’s Game) to narrate visually captivating tutorials on how to play poker and how to transfer those poker skills into this platform.

As an aside: keep your eyes peeled for the fun celebrity Cameo videos we occasionally create to celebrate different game mode events. Getting to animate celebrities and turn them into pineapples, or whatnot, makes for a very fun project, which makes for a very fun video! 

After animation, Matt and Cassie took over and added some captivating and engaging sound design to each video. Shuffling through different sound effects to find the perfect match for each video was an adventure in itself, but you can bet that these two chose the sound that worked best every time!




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