10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’ve Worked in Video Production

production crew member working with lights and lighting equipment
Have you ever worked in video production? Here are 10 things you’ll only really understand if you’ve spent time in the industry, straight from a veteran producer.

Do you currently or have you ever crewed a video production? It doesn’t matter what position you filled or what responsibilities you had, this list will ring true. It’s a crazy life!

  1. You keep “random” things in your pockets – Screws, gaff tape, adapters, not to mention any weird props. None of these are things a typical office worker will find in their pockets.
  2. When people ask you what hours you typically work you just laugh/cry. There is no 9-5 in the production world.
  3. Functional wardrobe has a whole other meaning in production. (image of someone with stingers and dirt around their shoulders, gaff/ tools on a belt etc.)
  4. You get hungry when you hear the word craft. (Seriously, most people picture yarn or paper when they think about crafts.)
  5. Your friends hate watching TV or movies with you: There’s only so much they can do when you get annoyed at how many lens flares people are using.
  6. You get impressed by things a typical viewer doesn’t notice, “They did all of that in one shot!”GC_tape_ripped
  7. Light bulb color temperature means something to you and you have a preference for your house and/or office.
  8. Watching people record with their phones in the vertical position makes you twitch.
  9. Gaff Tape – enough said.
  10. You have no personal space bubble. Sitting “camera close” is the new normal and nudity isn’t likely to bother you either.

Which number on this list did you identify with most as a video production professional? Share with us by commenting below.

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  1. I am not familiar with production work but have a wonderful, fantastic daughter who is! She is amazing.

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