Arbor Vita8 | Full Spectrum CBD Balm

Witty wordplay and good vibes are only part of the story in this series of short product videos for Arbor Vita8! 

Our goal with this series was simple. We needed to create a template, an approach to summarizing AV8‘s many products that remained the same, regardless of the product itself. When a company nails down a consistent marketing strategy, they can create new videos more easily, as well as build familiarity and trust with their customer base. When people know what to expect, they come back.

The writing team hunkered down in their pun bunker (“p-unker”, anyone?) and crystalized the light-hearted, clever tone the client wanted. The task held a special significance, knowing our own Collin Ingram would be the voiceover talent for the spots; the sillier they could make the copy, the funnier it’d be to hear Collin say it!

Once the plan was established, the real work of animation could begin! The work was split between 2D and 3D animation. Trey Gregory and Seth Johnson handled the 2D side of things, along with the final timing of the videos. David Hixon set out to faithfully reproduce each product using Autodesk’s 3D modeling software, Maya. He even measured all nine products in real life, using calipers and a ruler before transferring them into Adobe After Effects using the Element 3-D plug-in. As David says, “…these were going to be close up shots I need to look good.”

David’s efforts resulted in really sweet models, and the team cranked out a stellar series of videos that are at once high-end, funny, informative, and infinitely replicable! In a word? CB-delightful.




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