Product Video

There are few projects that encompass the art of video production so succinctly as a good ol’ product video. If you can nail a product video, you can pretty much apply that production know-how to any other video. Lighting something like an oven seems like a simple task, but it’s true that mastering what seems like the simplest thing takes the most experience and knowledge. We like to think we’re masters of the product video at this point, but that’s not to say we don’t still love shooting them. We’ve gotta stay on top of our game, and these are the perfect videos to do that with.

Product Video Portfolio

elf on the shelf

Elf on the Shelf | Sizzle Reel

This sizzle reel for Elf on the Shelf shows how the brand makes the most wonderful time of the year just a bit better every year!

product demo reel

ECG Productions | Product Demo Reel

No matter the industry, the audience, or the product type, we know how to make a product shine. Need proof? Our product demo reel puts our money where our mouth is.

Arbor Vita8 full-spectrum CBD balm

Arbor Vita8 | Full Spectrum CBD Balm

Meticulous 2D and 3D animation come together in these witty product videos for hemp processors, Arbor Vita 8. From script to screen, we kept them fun and informative!

Video thumbnail for airplane systems software.

iJet | Sales Video

Get animated, 3D animated with this iJet sales video produced by the animation-savvy team at ECG Productions. This high-tech concept is very cool to watch.

Supplies on the Fly - Nest Cam

Supplies on the Fly | Nest Cam

Thinking of installing a Nest camera at your business? We did too after producing this informative video for Supplies on the Fly.