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Presented by ECG Productions, “Backwoods: Always True” is an innovative series that delves into the passions and personal truths of three remarkable Dreamville artists: Bas, JID, and EarthGang. This project presents a collective effort that highlights individual stories, merging their unique artistic expressions with their personal journeys.

Bas's Fashion Journey

Join us in the creative realm of Bas and his clothing brand, FIENDS. Our journey with Bas includes visiting his screen printers, design collaborators, and a textile warehouse, offering an in-depth look at his dedication to fashion. His engaging and warm personality shines as he drives us through the city, adding a personal touch to his artistic story.

JID's Unique Truth

JID’s segment showcased his deep passion for filmmaking. Co-directing alongside our team member Seth, JID brought a vision to life that echoes the creative essence of a notable episode from Black Mirror. Our team, led by Seb capturing behind-the-scenes footage, immersed themselves in this cinematic adventure, revealing the intricate process of short filmmaking.

The pinnacle of JID’s contribution was the creation of a short film, where his role transcended beyond being an artist to a storyteller and director. Our Director of Photography captured the essence of JID’s narrative, creating a visual feast that resonates with viewers. The film was further elevated by surprise appearances from renowned artists like Smino, Bas, Buddy, Thundercat, MLMA, and others, adding a rich layer of artistic synergy.

EarthGang's Creative Prowess

EarthGang’s segment brought unique challenges in post-production. Our team faced the task of removing a 6-foot+ man in a white rabbit suit from every shot due to tobacco legislation. This required a remarkable display of skill from our animation team, who expertly edited the footage to maintain the narrative’s flow seamlessly.

The Collective Effort Behind the Scenes

“Backwoods: Always True” is a testament to the collaborative spirit of ECG Productions. The project showcases not only the artists’ narratives but also the talent and dedication of our team. From the directors and animators to the production crew, each member played a vital role in bringing this series to life.

A Tapestry of Music, Passion, and Truth

This series is more than a collection of episodes; it’s a tapestry weaving together music, passion, and the unfiltered truths of these artists. It’s a journey into their worlds, offering a unique perspective on their creative processes and personal stories.

“We are thrilled to present ‘Backwoods: Always True,’ a project that goes beyond the surface to explore the depth of these artists’ passions and truths,” says the ECG Productions team. Embark on this journey with us and experience the heart and soul of music through the eyes of Bas, JID, and EarthGang.




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