Post-production is a huge and wonderful part of our video production process here at ECG. While our producers are chugging away on all things pre-production, ECG’s editors lie waiting in the wings (or, more correctly, their state of the art edit bays). That’s where they’ll receive raw footage, production audio and graphical assets, and assemble them into something one step closer to a final video. It always feels a bit magical to see an assortment of gorgeous shots come together into a cohesive story or sequence. And, from more than a decade in the video-production business, we like to think we’ve nearly perfected our post process. From assemblies to our seamless client review process, to final video delivery, we know our way around finishing up a project. 

After our heroic editors finish combing the footage and assembling a rough cut, we send it off to the powerhouse of our projects (our clients, that is) for any notes. Eventually we reach the ever-sought pinnacle of picture lock. Then it’s time for our in-house sound mixer and designer, Joe, to work his magic on the audio mix. When Joe’s perfected the mix, our colorist Jenn gets the last pass to do a color grade and final export. And it’s off to be viewed and adored by all!

Ok, ok. So that’s a very high-level explanation of our post-production process. Oftentimes, post can be much more nuanced and involved, depending on project needs. Two projects can require two entirely different approaches. Regardless, our post team always stays flexible and creative to get a video past the finish line.

Post-production is best split into two categories, Video and Audio Post-production. To get more in-depth about each one, click below!

Post-Production Services

Video post-production is all about the picture. Mainly, getting the video assembled so the story comes across crystal clear. Learn more about stringing together a visual story here.

wilson edits video

 When an audio mix is perfect, audiences tend to not notice it. But it’s an art that we love at ECG. Learn more about the unsung hero of video, audio post-production, here. 



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