CDC | Continuing Education Training Video

Informative entertainment was the name of the game in this quick-turn, long form video for the CDC

Let’s face it: the CDC isn’t known for videos with great entertainment value. Particularly when it comes to training, their job is to provide information clearly and efficiently. But if your video is too dry, people have a hard time paying attention! So for this project, they came to us with a new tactic: use short narrative vignettes to demonstrate best practices. Rather than merely watching healthcare professionals relate information into a camera, trainees could see realistic conversations unfold. 

We loved the concept. After all, “show, don’t tell” is one of the core tenets of good storytelling! Plus, this plan meant we could shoot more creatively. We’re all about that. 

That doesn’t mean the shoot was easy! Cramped doctors’ offices, severe time constraints, an ever-changing script… we had to overcome them all. We shot double coverage with our trusty Canon C200 and Ursa Mini cameras, and our team turned in two great days of production. 

With the client’s deadline fast approaching, Cameron turned editor to crank it out. He combined the vignettes we shot and presentation footage the client provided to create the video. Animator David Hixon worked alongside. While not every graphics ask is sexy, consistency and error-free infographics are vital to success on a project like this. Getting it right takes intense focus!

Truth be told, this was one of our most challenging shoots to date. The scope and length of the video was staggering. The timeline was pressing. The topic–how to advocate for vaccinations with concerned parents–was timely and essential. Still, you wouldn’t know it by the final product! Most importantly, the mission to both educate and engage nurses and physicians was a success. 




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