Along with our educational videos, we’ve made a lot of training videos in our time. We like to think we’ve mastered the balance between informational and entertaining. We’ve all had to sit through some incredibly boring training videos so it’s not something we particularly have a fire to create ourselves. Our clients give us the expertise that we can take and run with to make a great final product that engages, entertains and educates. 

Training Portfolio

Video thumbnail for corporate video for gas station RaceTrac.

RaceTrac | People Philosophy

Transform a corporate philosophy into an animated video, just like we did for RaceTrac. This video, focused on RaceTrac’s philosophy on employees, will really (gas) pump you up!

Video thumbnail for Del Frisco training video,

FeedTV | Being a Great DFRG Bartender

A professional training video doesn’t have to feel like being stuck in a lecture. We helped the Del Frisco Restaurant Group overcome boring corporate video with FeedTV.

Video thumbnail for corporate marketing video.

iMeet | Collaboration Solutions Video

This video runs double duty as a training video for PGi’s employees and a product demo for their clients. Screencapture and sleek motion graphics make this one a winner!

Video thumbnail for a Del Frisco Restaurant Group traning video.

FeedTV | Our Culinary World

Check out FeedTV! ECG created these corporate training videos for the Del Frisco Restaurant Group. They’re sleek, professional, and project the values DFRG represents.