Concrete Combat | Episode 103 | Concrete Brotherhood

It’s biological brothers versus found family in Episode 3 of our gripping competition series! | Concrete Combat

The stage was set with two sets of concrete stairs with near-identical damage, including a massive missing chunk from each. This was one of our most intense challenges yet, with the tight timer making ingenuity as valuable as skill for each of the teams. 

Our camera team took up their matching Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K shoulder rigs and got to work, with Director Jordan Nowlin on the comms pointing them in the right direction. Mike Hill and David Rose took a novel approach that had not only our judges talking, but all our Sakrete experts buzzing behind the cameras, while the Davila brothers’ precision was a thing of beauty. Every set of eyes in the place was trained on the contest.

All the competitions of Concrete Combat had memorable moments and phenomenal tension, but this one is particularly memorable for its photo finish. Not only that, but Mike and David, Israel and Jonathan really gave it their all. They were fun to watch, and the chemistry between the two teams was evident from the beginning, leading to fantastic results. 

It came down to the wire, and editor Sebastian Chamaca did an amazing job of bringing that tension through to the final version. Lead Animator Seth Johnson’s gritty, hard-hitting graphics add so much momentum to every episode. 

We won’t spoil the winner of the challenge here, but will just say that as a step in the journey to Las Vegas, this is one you won’t want to miss!




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