Foodmate | 2019 Recruitment Video

Like a hot chicken dinner, this corporate recruitment video is sure to satisfy and make you feel right at home!

You don’t think about chicken deboning much, do you? Well, maybe you should. The fine folks at Foodmate reminded us that it’s a vital part of the poultry pipeline. Not only that, but the technology is really, really cool. They use lasers to target the bones and carefully calibrated machinery to make the cuts. It’s sleek and shiny, and a great place to shoot a recruitment video!

Foodmate may be a corporate client, but they’re also an earnest, friendly group of people. And they’ve got beautiful offices to go with their stellar atmosphere! That allowed us to stage some really dynamic interview setups. With our Angenieux lenses firmly affixed to the URSA Mini, we achieved shots with awesome depth. Not only did our approach look great, it also served to make the Foodmate space feel open and inviting. Exactly what you want when you’re looking to attract new talent!

Grip/Gaff extraordinaire Collin Ingram was so charmed by the experience that he volunteered to handle the edit. He deftly balanced Foodmate’s professionalism and humanity, so a simple graphics package and clean color grade were all that remained. The result is both sweet and modern, endearing and cutting edge, just like Foodmate! 




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