Georgia Department of Natural Resources | Historic Preservation Tax Incentives

Wanna preserve a history building? Wanna save some money on your taxes? This animated explainer is for you.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GDNR) is an invaluable branch of our state government. They maintain the upkeep of National Parks. As their name suggests, they manage our natural resources. They even spring into action to mitigate the effects of natural disasters. But there’s another, less publicized way that they help thousands of Georgians every year: by offering tax incentives for preserving historic buildings

What does that even mean?, you may ask. Well, this animated explainer tells you everything we need to know.

We took this project from script to screen for the DNR, which was no easy feat. Striking a balance between appropriately informative yet visually engaging is tough for something like tax incentives. But the dream team of Jordan, Trey, and Cam (aka Frank Lloyd Writes) came up with a pretty fun script.

From there, hot shot rookie animator Anneli took the reins and showed off her impressive skills. Not only did Anneli create custom assets in Adobe Illustrator, she worked some animation magic using the Mister Horse plug-in in After Effects. The results are playful and fun, just like Annie herself.

Finally, the video got a nice sound mix and some sound effect work from our resident Audio Wizard, er, Sound Engineer, Joe. The subtle pops and whirrs really bring the spot together and underscore the important onscreen images.

Ultimately, we’re quite happy with how this animated explainer turned out! Admittedly, we didn’t know a lot about tax incentives for historic preservation before we started this project. Once we finished the project, however, we not only knew a ton, but we were sure this video explained it perfectly.




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