Atomos Shogun Inferno 7″ Monitor

The Atomos Shogun Inferno features a 7″ clear, crisp image that is perfect for monitoring on set. It incorporates a touchscreen replete with menu options to customize the display. Customization features include peaking, zebra, zoom magnification, exposure analysis, histograms, and anamorphic de-squeeze.

The Shogun Inferno gives you the opportunity to load 3D LUTs for better, more accurate viewing on set; furthermore, it includes Log looks from several prominent camera brands, such as ARRI, RED, Canon and Sony. The design consists of several in and out ports for SDI and HDMI connections. With 2 Sony L-series battery plates on back, the Shogun Inferno can be powered by Sony batteries, LEMO to P-Tap for V-Mount battery powering, or directly into an outlet using the power adapter.

It is also capable of recording 4K footage onto SSD drives!


Additional information

Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 8.4 × 5 × 1.8 in


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