Greystone | Operation: Girls Night Out

24 Hours, 5 Bad-Ass Women, 1 Adrenaline-Fueled Greystone Promo Video

Have you ever wondered what being part of a special ops mission is like? Or what it’s like to be helo-vac’d while still dangling through the air? In short: have you ever wanted to live a real-life action movie sequence? Greystone is the company that makes that happen.

I’m sure at least some of you have seen David Fincher’s pulse-pounding 1997 thriller, The Game, right? No? Ok, if not here’s the gist: Michael Douglas plays a disenfranchised banker who’s thrust into a life-or-death “game” that pushes him to his limit and ultimately leaves him with a renewed vigor for life.

According to team Greystone, this kind of visceral awakening – this reaffirmation of life through close encounters with peril – is always their mission objective. And if that’s the case, then I’d say they passed with flying colors in Operation: Girls Night Out.

Gearing Up

Greystone’s goal for this mission was simple: bring together 5 major influencers and put them through as many high-octane activities as they could handle in a 24 hour period.

Lucky for us, they also wanted someone there to film as much of this craziness as possible! We came prepared, rocking 3x BlackMagic Pocket Cinema 4.6K cameras, 2 GoPros, 3 Insta360 OneX cameras, and more mobile lighting than you could imagine, all with the goal of not missing a moment of the insanity that ensued. Between the helicopter ride-alongs, the car torchings, the explosions, & the target practice, it’s safe to say we had almost as much fun as the influencers themselves.

On Target In The Edit Bay

Wrapping on production was just step one of this project: we knew Greystone was expecting a promo video that mirrored the intensity of the day.

Haley Fusia stepped in to edit this bad boy and boy was she ever up to the task. The slow-paced introduction of the day’s leading ladies gives way to a too-quick-to-catch-your-breath montage full of explosions, snap-zooms, and quick cuts. Add in the gritty graphic call-outs that our Director of Animation, Seth Johnson, provided and the whole thing seems ripped straight from the mind of Michael Bay. 

Not all promo videos are created equal, and this one for Greystone show’s exactly why that is: not all of them can incorporate explosions!




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