Greystone | Operation: Next Generation

Our action-packed sequel Greystone project has it all: high stakes, helicopters, and above all, heart

The first operation we shot for Greystone in Milledgeville, GA (Operation: Girls Night Out) was basically a movie, and that’s the whole point: to put you in the center of a high-octane action-thriller. This time around, some courageous kids took center stage in an effort to rescue their favorite hero: Superman, who’d been imprisoned by ransomers in a “reinforced kryptonite chamber.” But of course, this wasn’t just a romp: it was a dream fulfilled for one kid in particular. Marky suffered from recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, and this adventure was designed specially for him.

Let the Games Begin

The day started with helicopter hijinks at the “Greystone Training Facility.” Our team, led by Director Seth Johnson, came fully equipped with four Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K cameras, two Insta360 cameras, our Mavic 2 Pro drone, and even our trusty Yi, and we were glad to have it all! Before Marky and his friends and family knew about their mission to save Superman, DP Sebastian Chamaca, camera operators Emily Payton and Haley Fusia, and 1st AC Alessandro Graci, were on a mission of their own: to capture every second of amazing stunts and action. 

Eventually, the call came for the Greystone team to spring into action. For the rescue itself, gaffer Collin Ingram rigged quasar tubes in Superman’s prison to give it an appropriately sci-fi feel. The squad completed their mission, freeing Supes and making the bad guys pay, and naturally the big finish featured some badass pyrotechnics –– that’s just how Greystone does it! From there, the crew headed back and helped Superman recover from his kryptonite-induced stupor the best way you can: with jet skis! It doesn’t come up a lot in the comics, but Supes has crazy jet ski skills.

The Post-Mission Post Mission

Editor Kelsey Cherney took the reins in post-production. Our clients wanted it to play out like any great action movie: with pulse-pounding intensity, anchored with lots of heart. Kelsey didn’t miss the mark; she expertly balanced the two key aspects and turned in a product that both exemplifies Greystone’s ability to curate incredible experiences, and the championing of a great cause. 

And while our crew safely returned from their adventure (Seb and Haley even got to ride in the helicopter!) our drone wasn’t so lucky. Caught in a gust from the helicopter blades, the Mavic 2 Pro found itself overwhelmed. We can, however, be comforted by the great footage it provided in life, and the fact that it died doing what it loved: getting really dope shots.




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