Hachette Book Group | Girls of Storm & Shadow – Book Promo

True Love. A Great Escape. The Ultimate Sacrifice. This electric book trailer has it all!

As the follow up to the hit book Girls of Paper and Fire, we knew that we needed a video that would really pop. The question was, how do we simultaneously attract new fans while reigniting the passion of return readers? Our solution was to draw them in with an arresting combination of live action shots with slick 2D animation.

For this project, resident bad-ass and 2D animation wunderkind Seth Johnson stepped up the plate to direct. During our one day of actual on set production, Seth worked with our talented actresses to capture the subtle intensity of the romance between the novel’s main characters, Lei and Wren. On top of that, our very own Muriel Lee worked a minor miracle transforming our studio into a fantasy-style harem. Trey will argue that it was ALL about the lamp he provided. But we like to ignore him when he gets up on his soapbox like that.

As for post-production, Seth took the lead on that as well. Hand illustrating all the assets for the trailer, Seth creatively retold the events of Girls of Paper & Fire while still leaving some room to the imagination. The unique blend of 2D assets mixed with some cool z-space moves made the animation sequences as gripping as the novel’s plot!

Add all this together, and we think we ended up with a video that makes you want to charge into battle with these heroines!




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