2D & 3D Animation

ECG’s team of core animators are some of the best, brightest and most talented folks we’ve got. From motion graphics to 2D hand drawn characters to 3D modeling, some of our favorite stuff in our portfolio comes from the Animation Department. Our clients love putting attention grabbing animation in their videos, and it never fails to spruce up an intro or a book promo. When our clients come to us with video concepts heavy on the information and facts, and they need to relay it in a palatable way, we like to recommend either a full animation project or, at the very least, animated graphic elements. It makes sure the audience is fully engaged from start to finish and it’s pretty fun to make, too.

2D & 3D Animation Portfolio

Arbor Vita8 | Overview

Exceptional 2D and 3D animation brought this overview video to life in a fun and easy-to-digest way.

Snow falls on a Florida coastline indicating that winter is coming.

FOX Sports | Winter Is Coming

Maya, Syntheyes, and After Effects work together to create a very cool 3D animated promotional video for the Florida Panthers hockey team!