Jacob’s Ladder | 360 Trailer Experience

A spooky & surreal 360 film trailer unlike any other

For anyone that’s a fan of cinema, the original version of Jacob’s Ladder is a prime example of surreality at its best. The Tim Robbins-led cast took the audience on a disorienting but spellbinding journey of hallucinations and spectres, of madness and humanity. In short, it was visually and narratively cutting edge stuff.

So it’s no surprise that the team behind the 2019 remake would want to promote the film in an equally unique way. Ultimately they decided to create an experience that immersed the audience into the mindset of Jacob’s Ladder. And thus the “Jacob’s Ladder 360 Trailer” was born.

Shot on location in an abandoned hospital just south of Atlanta, this trailer truly captures the essence of the film. Our 360 crew seamlessly integrated our production into the schedule of the main production schedule, working nimbly and effectively. Because of our limited time frame, we had to make the most of our 2 setups. That included some ingenuitive lighting gags in both the waiting room and deserted hallway. It took a little finesse, but luckily the Nokia Ozo we used to shoot the spot caught some great footage.

The post-production on this project posed some interesting hurdles, too. In order to mirror the psyche of the film’s main character, the film’s director wanted to really push the 360 trailer’s color grade. He wanted something super gritty and dark, visually almost washed out of color. It was something different, but the final result’s noir tendencies speaks for itself!




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