James Patterson | The Dog Diaries – Hooked on Doglish: Holiday Version

Bark the Halls with Lessons on Doglish…

What, you’ve never heard of Doglish? The official language of man’s best friend? That’s ok. Luckily, we’re helping to spread the holiday cheer with these festively adorable animations for The Dog Diaries, by the James Patterson. Thanks to his carefully researched translations, you can help your kids learn pooch-speak, no problem. They say childhood is the best time to learn a new language, after all!

We produced all the artwork in-house. Seth created the drawings in Adobe Photoshop, before transferring it over to After Effects. Then, Trey finished it off, using both the Newton and Rubber Hose plug-ins to give the wheel it’s awesomely realistic spin action. What’s more, the team crafted the animations so we could easily swap out symbols on the wheel and the “educational” projections. That foresight makes it easy to translate as many English words to Doglish as we want! It might be the season for miracles, but this project was all talent and smarts.

Client: James Patterson | Profile: Branded Content

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