James Patterson | The Dog Diaries – Hooked on Doglish

A cute animated promo video that’s through the woof!

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to actually speak your dog’s language? Well, with the help of award-winning author James Patterson and our Animation team, you can! As a promotion for Mr. Patterson’s latest children’s book, The Dog Diaries, we drew up some videos that translate canine kind’s native tongue, Doglish, into English. No more guessing what Fido or Lassie are trying to tell you: these videos give you the inside scoop!

After hand-crafting the visual assets in Adobe Photoshop, our animation team cranked out tons of these animated translation videos in After Effects. From “sofa” to “owner” and a bunch of other Peoplish words in between, these videos cover it all! However, these videos were just the start of this campaign, as we later put a holiday spin on the concept. But in either version: these animated book promos definitely deserve a treat!

Client: James Patterson | Profile: Branded Content

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