James Patterson | Hawk

A new generation of Maximum Ride fandom takes flight in this book promo for James Patterson’s Hawk

When the first book in the Maximum Ride series hit shelves in April, 2005, even its author, James Patterson, didn’t know what was in store. The universal acclaim. The ravenous cries for the series’ next installment. An adoring fandom who immediately fell for Max, Fang, and the rest of The Flock. Including a few ECGers, we might add.

So when James Patterson came to us with the inside scoop that he was writing a follow up to the Maximum Ride, we were stoked. Flying high, even. We had huge plans for this project, including a few convention trips (which would’ve been super fun). But then COVID-19 happened.

So, we pivoted our approach. Instead of going to the fans to hear their stories, we had them submit their experiences over social media. We wanted to know who they were, why they loved Maximum Ride, and what about Hawk made them so excited. And the results were staggering. 

Fans submitted from all over the country. Each video tells a unique story about just how much Maximum Ride meant to to speaker. The videos are filled with tears, laughs, and moments of deep reflection that bespeak just how much these folks have contemplated this series. In short: we had a treasure trove of content to cut a commercial from. 

We cut together some of the best moments from our submissions and added in a fun, fast-paced animated intro that carried us into the excitement. The commercial is sincere and sweet, bristling with as much enthusiasm as the Hawk fans themselves. It wasn’t the commercial we expected, but if 2020 taught us anything it was how to make something pretty damn great from a pretty shitty situation.




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