James Patterson | Scaredy Cat – If These Cats Could Talk

A fur real cat testimonial video hyping up James Patterson’s Scaredy Cat 

If there’s one thing the ECG team loves more than making stellar videos, it’s pets. Inspired by our prior testimonial videos for Hachette Book Group, we changed things up for Scaredy Cat because, well, who better to review a book about cats than cats? Director Cameron Shaw had the challenge of his life getting purr-formances from his talent, but thanks to the help of an army of cat owners, the team managed to get the cats to sit in roughly the right spot for just long enough to get the shots we needed.

Once the shoot was over, Editor Kelsey Cherney pulled our best kitty clips and we took to the VO booth to give voice to what we all knew the cats were thinking. They clearly loved the book, so we were just helping them express themselves! 

The resulting video is one of our cutest ever, and it’s made all the more special by the fact that the team’s own beloved animals got to be a part of it, and some folks even got to voice their own cats! It was some of the most fun we’ve had on set and it comes through in the finished product. 




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