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Associate Creative Director

Cameron wears a lot of hats here at ECG. Whether it’s pre-pro, production, or post, he’s there. It’s a rare treat to get to write scripts and then edit the videos that come from them, but that’s what Cam does. He also directs, and his love of scheduling and communication has led him to act as Assistant Director on many of ECG’s shoots.

As his crowded resume might suggest, Cam has an eclectic range of interests. He’s a former ballplayer and a self-professed gym rat. He’ll talk your ear off about his beloved New York Yankees, the last book he read, skiing, or the latest news from his D&D campaign. He truly revels in terrorizing his coworkers and friends with extraplanar horrors–when he’s not cooking dinner for them, that is. Either way, there’s usually a tumbler of scotch close by; the more peat, the better. 

What really drives Cam is his love of stories, and his desire to help realize new ones in any way he can. Working at ECG has brought experiences to him that he never thought he would have and, happily, he doesn’t see that stopping any time soon. Not only that, he couldn’t hope for a better team to help him learn, grow, make cool shit, and inspire him, every day.

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