Kimberly-Clark | Elevate the Core – KC Pillars #1

We rise to new heights in this stylish corporate culture animated explainer!

Kimberly-Clark is no slouch when it comes to innovation. You don’t become a leading light in the personal care industry for almost 150 years without having a knack for it. But innovation means more than engineering new products. It also means pivoting your culture and growing in new, meaningful ways. 

This pioneering drive is what lays at the heart of the “Elevate the Core” animated explainer series we produced for K-C.

The task that K-C set us to was not an easy one. They needed a series of videos that not only clearly outlined their ongoing corporate culture initiatives, but that also showcased the lighthearted, familial nature of the company. In short, we needed to convey a ton of information while also keeping it fun and digestible. Easier said than done.

Ultimately, we tackled the entire series soup to nuts, working as both the writers and the animators for the spots. Setting out, we had two primary goals: 1) convey the information conversationally, and 2) keep the images simple and diverse.

This video — the first in the series — displays both our ability to hit both those marks with ease. To write the spots, the infamous team of “Frank Lloyd Writes” (a.k.a. Trey, Cameron, and Jordan) distilled bullets points from K-C into bite-sized, salient copy. From there, our ace animator Anneli went to town bringing all the visuals they created to life. Simple physics simulation effects and some sleek transitions (we see you 00:23 mark) give this spot a polished feel.




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