Original Scriptwriting

Whether you’ve got a fleshed out script in hand or just a concept in your head, ECG’s team of talented writers will help you maximize the potential of the written word; yours, ours, or a combination of the two.  We’ve got extensive experience writing, adapting and revising written content for commercials, corporate/industrial/training videos, e-learning videos, viral marketing campaigns and even feature films.

Not only does ECG excel at conceiving and cultivating creative content (alliteration!), we’re also experts at making sure your writing (and ours) translates seamlessly to the screen.   We are equipped to properly format scripts for both two-column and master screenplay (“drama”) format and can easily generate scene, character and location reports, as well as “sides” for cast members.

Got a fully written script that isn’t properly formatted? Or, maybe you wrote your brilliant screenplay on the back of a cocktail napkin? No problem! We can reformat your script and be ready to work with it in no time.  Need a quick analysis of how much it will cost to shoot what you’ve got on the page?  We’ve got you covered!  We’ll get you the answers you need in a timely manner and help you adjust your plans, if needed, so we can realize your vision at a budget that works for you.

ECG Producer Jordan leading a writing session.

We’re used to moving directly from locked scripts into scheduling, so you can always count on a smooth transition from pre-production to production that will maximize on-set efficiency and ensure extensive coverage.

The script may just be the beginning of your project, but it lays the groundwork for every other phase of production.   Meticulous organization early in the game guarantees seamless execution both in production and in the edit suite.   Our goal is to make sure every dollar spent ends up on the screen, where your audience can see it!

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