Leapfrog Mortgage | Pinball – 0:30 Commercial

Our creativity finds a home in this cute commercial for Leapfrog Mortgage

Every commercial shoot is unique in their own way but this shoot took a new and fun turn for us! Leapfrog Mortgage is a company that prides itself on forgoing a bloated marketing budget in favor of diverting funds towards helping their clients through the home buying process. 

With this, they wanted the commercial to look low-budget to fit the brand. They provided us scripts for different commercials and we brainstormed how to effectively portray their request. The idea to use construction paper to create puppets was a perfect solution that captures the scrappy (or rather, scrap paper-y) nature of the company!

Using this approach, we had endless options in terms of set designs. Our Set Decorator, Melissa St. Clair, along with a group of 5 amazing team members worked tirelessly to bring these puppets to life. We commissioned a local artist to create the frog characters, but the sets and the rest of the characters were carefully handcrafted by our team. With the use of different types of hole punchers, X-acto knives, and other tools, we were able to set the scenes for each script.

The (Puppet) Stage Is Set

For the shoots themselves, our Director of Photography, Trey Gregory read the script aloud as our Director, Collin Ingram called cues for the puppets and various other art design pieces were to pop up in the frame. Our team had a great time laying on the floor and puppeteering for the day. There were a lot of moving parts and so it took a lot of collaboration with our artists and required multiple people to be on point with their timing when it came to the puppets.

Lastly, we had a blast creating the voiceover and sound effects for this production. Each of our team members went into the sound booth and made different mouth sounds and silly noises that were incorporated into the commercial by our editor, Haley Fusia. She had a lot of noises to work with and was able to choose the ones she wanted, while also layering some to make fun new noises!

Being able to take such creative freedom with a project is always fun and makes for a very interesting shoot. It truly made for an un-frog-etable day!

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