Commercials are almost a no brainer for us at this point. That’s not to say that every commercial project that comes through our door won’t demand varying amounts of pre-production, writing, shooting, editing, animation, graphics, sound design… what was that about no brainer we mentioned? Maybe that’s not quite right. It doesn’t matter how many of these we’ve done, we still love the challenge even the simplest commercials present. And they are a huge chunk of our best work. Besides being entertaining, they also have to deliver a concise, on-brand message, and a pretty effective call to action to boot. They are the seemingly simple video production standard that’s been around for as long as the medium, almost. But there’s an art to commercial video production that, we think, at least, we’ve mastered from a decade plus of making them.

Commercials Portfolio

Two male risk takers look out a passenger window.

ParkMobile | Anywhere, Anyway

This commercial for ParkMobile is all gas, no brakes. A high-octane edit pairs perfectly with gorgeous shots for a real blockbuster of a spot.

Two cyclists on the Silver Comet Trail pass over the words Resurgens Orthopaedics.

Resurgens Orthopaedics | Everywhere

Expert producing and expedient production led to success for this energetic broadcast commercial featuring high-quality drone footage and integrated 3D text graphics.

An aerial shot over Sig Sauer Academy.

Sig Sauer – Sig Sauer Academy

Our commercial gives you a sneak peek at the Sig Sauer Academy compound, where professionals and firearms enthusiasts get training and equipment.

A finished hardscape patio designed with Belgard Design Studio

Belgard | Belgard Design Studio

Video and technology go hand-in-hand. Here they come together to demo the VR technology that Belgard Design Studio uses before starting a backyard project.

SCUF Gaming Infinity 4PS controller with removable pads

SCUF Gaming | Infinity 4PS

Awesome animation can really show off the best features of a product. For example, here’s how we did it for the Infinity 4PS for the PlayStation 4, a SCUF Gaming controller.

A very happy man is "Customer of the Day" when he spents a night out on the town.

ParkMobile | Out On The Town

Have you ever struggled with finding parking? Don’t lie, we know you have. Watch this hilarious commercial for ParkMobile by ECG Productions learn a better way.

MoistureShield composite decking from the Vantage Collection

MoistureShield | Vantage Collection

Pulling together a product video can require multiple locations and perfectly-timed shots, but it’s worth it when the finished video looks like this one.

A woman stands and smiles while leading a ParkMobile meeting.

ParkMobile | Meetings

Do you struggle with finding parking? Add on the stress of needing to be on time to a meeting, and it’s even worse. This video shows you how to fix the issue.

Video thumbnail for airplane systems software.

iJet | Sales Video

Get animated, 3D animated with this iJet sales video produced by the animation-savvy team at ECG Productions. This high-tech concept is very cool to watch.

ECG Productions - Show Reel 2018

ECG Productions | Show Reel 2018

ECG Productions is proud of the work we’ve done, and from live action to every kind of animation, this show reel demonstrates just what we’re capable of. Check it out!

Aireal photo of Blackhall Studios' film studio space in Atlanta, GA

Blackhall Studios | Promo Video

Check out Atlanta’s own top-of-the-line film and sound stages, Blackhall Studios. A combination of drone footage and 3D text graphics make this promo video POP!

Mercedes-Benz - 2018 GLA Walk Around video

Mercedes-Benz | 2018 GLA Walk Around

This product demo video of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA will get your engines revved. Get an inside look at all the gadgets and features that make this car a cut above the rest.

Three smiling adults stand together with a happy child in the middle.

Resurgens Orthopaedics | Neck to Toes 0:30

This ambitious commercial for Resurgens Orthopaedics has it all. Cool visual effects, a re-hashed classic ditty, and some impressive camera work. Gaze in wonder at “Neck to Toes.”

Business man discussing Saleswise

Saleswise | Meeting Manager

Add one parts sleek modern location, 2 parts dynamic compositing, and 1 parts smooth Steadicam shot. What do you get? This commercial for Meeting Manager by Saleswise, of course.

Resurgens Orthopaedics - "I Am a Champion" TV commercial. Mother and daughter in physical therapy session

Resurgens Orthopaedics | I Am A Champion

Inspirational. Uplifting. Game-changing. All words that describe the “I Am A Champion” commercial we produced for Resurgens Orthopaedics. As the flagship piece for a larger marketing campaign, this spot really got things moving.

Saleswise Logo

Saleswise | Meeting Manager

Saleswise meeting manager software makes things easier, and this animated explainer video we produced shows you exactly why.

Commercial reel video thumbnail.

ECG Productions | Commercial Reel 2017

ECG Productions has made a lot of amazing commercials for a diverse array of clients; those are just facts. Check out our stunning commercial reel and see for yourself!

Video thumbnail for Any Lab Test Now internal marketing video.

Any Lab Test Now | Teen Drug Testing

When Any Lab Test Now asked ECG to shoot 18 videos in one day, we dove right in to the project. Here’s one of the resulting commercials on teen drug testing.

Video thumbnail for product demo video.

Halyard | Aero Chrome

The best video production projects often get a little gross. Check out the product video for the Aero Chrome surgical gown by Halyard to see what we mean.

Chocolate healthy muffins

Pharmacare | USA Cacao

Like chocolate? Check out the informative commercial with some of the best ways to prepare snacks with Pharmacare’s cacao powder. The chocolate muffins look amazing.

HeatTrack Mats Commercial Still

Heat Track | Comedy Spot

This product commercial production for Heat Track features a bit of comedy! Making people laugh is always a great way to get people to look up and take notice.

Older Man in Snow Storm

HeatTrak | Drama Spot 60

This commercial for HeatTrak is as heartwarming as their product is ground-warming. Eh, that bad wordplay doesn’t do the spot justice. Just give it a watch!

Animated Allinial Video Still

Allinial | Client

What does a talented illustration artist and a great video concept get you? Something like this animated piece we created for Allinial.

after sunset alternate

Nowspeed: Trender | Trender Experience

Have you ever sipped champagne on a yacht while watching the sunset? Yeah, neither have we. But if you watch this promo video for Nowspeed’s Trender experience, you can pretend you have!

Do What You Love

Bauerfeind | Direct Response

Up and at ’em! ECG’s animation team composited text into action footage to differentiate this high-energy commercial for Bauerfeind Direct Response. Check it out!

Video thumbnail for corporate marketing video.

iMeet | Collaboration Solutions Video

This video runs double duty as a training video for PGi’s employees and a product demo for their clients. Screencapture and sleek motion graphics make this one a winner!

Thumbnail for After6 promotional video,

After6 | Brand Building Video

A stellar brand video can help your business catch fire. That’s what we made for after6! Using a combination of footage and 2D animation, we helped get the word out.

Decomposed controller SCUF

SCUF Gaming | Infinity1 Animation

This commercial for the SCUF gaming controller features sick 3D animation, highlighting all the controller’s features. As gamers ourselves, we’re pretty hyped about it!

Uprite Ergo Office Scene

Uprite Ergo | Product Video Production

With some creative editing and smart camera work, we produced this great product video for Uprite Ergo. It’s content that just makes you sit/stand a little taller.

MedZed House calls for sick kids in Atlanta, GA

MedZed | TV Commercial

When you’re sick, just making it to the doctor can be a hassle. But never fear: MedZed is here for house calls! And we were there to help them make a commercial.

StarVoice 3D Animation


Sometimes it’s better to be seen AND heard. Using 3D animation, we display the unprecedented celebrity access offered through social media platform, Starvoice.

LG Chocolate Touch


This slick 3D animation shows off the features of the LG Chocolate Touch smartphone from Verizon Wireless.

LG Ally Smartphone


Digital signage can go a long way to winning over in-store customers. This piece we produced for Verizon Wireless is a prime example.

Verizon E-mail Solutions


Check out this unique digital signage piece, created by the team at ECG Productions, for the e-mail solutions services at Verizon Wireless.

Internet Commercials Red Brick Brewery


It’s always fun to work with a brewery, especially when they let you taste the beer. Here are two commercials ECG created for Red Brick Brewery that a worth a watch.


DUI PSA – Georgia Highway Patrol

We created this important PSA commercial for the Georgia Highway to raise awareness of the severe consequences for a DUI. Seriously folks, don’t drive impaired.

Television Reality Series Atlanta


How much reality TV can you take? Boston is the setting for this real-life roommate drama. Check out the promo for The Roomies, an original.

Promo Production and Post Production Atlanta, GA


A good commercial is essential to getting the message out about your business. This nationally broadcast spot for the network brings energy and a youthful vibe.

TV Show Promo Atlanta | Georgia


Ready to make a show? Take a look at our promo clip for Boston-based cable network Whether it’s reality shows, narratives, long form or short, we’ve done it all.

College Admissions and Educational Marketing Service Atlanta GA


At ECG, we’ve got a long history of creating compelling commericials for broadcast TV and web use. Check out this video for GSU!

Georgia Southern University Television Commercial


This commercial for Georgia Southern University is bursting with school spirit! Ready to create a local, regional or national TV commercial? Check out this spot to get inspired.

Lawyer Commercial Injury Center Television Spot Atlanta GA


Check out our commercial for Atlanta Injury Center created on a pretty tight budget. It doesn’t always have to take a ton of resources to get your business great exposure.