MARTA | 110 In The Shade: The Platform Performance

For the first time since its initial deployment, you can watch the 110 In The Shade: The Platform Performance!

A mass-transit 360 activation that’s a real show-stopper

As the technology develops, 360 executions become increasingly refined. However, this 360 project we worked on for MARTA and the Arthur Blank-funded charity, Theatrical Outfit, was easily the most fun to date.

However, to put it lightly, producing this 360 video was no easy feat. We had a limited time frame and lots of 360 choreography to perfect. It was a tough task, but our team of seasoned 360 experts devised a brilliant plan that we executed to perfection.

Yet, what makes this video so unique was its initial deployment. For a brief period, a set of theater chairs were on display in the Peachtree Center MARTA station. If you approached the chairs, you’d be prompted to sit, relax, and enjoy the show. Then, in the midst of one of Atlanta’s busiest transportation hubs, you’d be transported into the middle of a show at the theater. Ultimately, this intimate, out-of-the-box approach to 360 video was as rewarding as it was fun to produce!




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