James Patterson | Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment – Magic Mud

A fun science experiment video befitting James Patterson’s latest heroine!

Acclaimed novelist James Patterson always creates exciting and relatable characters. However, his latest heroine, Max Einstein, is arguably his most lovable. Not only is Max smart, resourceful, and funny, she sets an amazing example for kids interested in math & science! In short, she’s a hero for the modern age.

So when members of Patterson’s team at Hachette Book Group contacted us, naturally we were intrigued. But when they asked us to produce some content for his latest young adult novel, Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment, we were over the moon!

We wanted to create a content series that captured Max’s unique personality. Working hand-in-hand with Patterson’s team, we landed on the perfect idea: Tasty-style science experiment videos. Just like Patterson’s novel, it was a unique, fun twist on a beloved style & formula. A perfect fit!

But not only do these videos capture the excitement of everyday home experiments, they’re filled with Max Einstein homages. The little things like a duster jacket for our hand model and our urban decay-style backdrop all add up. Add in a few touches of movie magic, and you have an awesome tutorial for a cool do-it-yourself science experiment!

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