National Vision | 2019 Year End Video

It’s easy to see why National Vision succeeds in this eye-opening year end video

National Vision has long been one of our favorite clients. And, with their Year End videos, it’s clear why that is. Their genuine care and affection for their associates and doctors, their mission to not just succeed as a business, but to provide helpful services to customers and manage global philanthropic efforts, is always inspirational. Made in 2019, this is one corporate video that shows what a great corporation should be.

Our team is up to any surprise at any time, that’s no secret. But in the case of NVI, we’ve built a rapport over time, and that makes for a streamlined pre-production and shooting experience. Over the course of an afternoon, we interviewed CEO Reade Fahs and several other NVI executives. As always, Reade was a treat beyond compare.

We also made trips to a factory, several stores, and accompanied Reade to an America’s Best location to witness the head honcho in action. Again: such a treat! (Can you tell we love Reade?)

Basically, we went the distance to shoot this bad boy, and the variety of footage proved a major asset in the edit. It never feels stagnant or repetitive, and that’s partly a tribute to the production team’s tireless efforts!

Of course, the credit for the stellar cut goes equally to Editor Emily Payton. Emily has carved out a role as NVI’s go-to editor over the years, and it’s easy to see why. Her knack for eye-catching b-roll compliments her ear for the absolute best sound bites available. Add that to a jaunty pace and a uniquely earnest emotionality, and you’ve got a corporate video that sticks in the mind like few others. 

We look forward to the NVI Year End video every year, and with results like this, next year will be no exception! How will we top this prodigious production? You’ll just have to wait and see.




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