ParkMobile | Out On The Town

Never let finding parking keep you from a good time!

We all know that driving in Atlanta can be… an adventure. And parking? It’s not much better. Sure, this “Out On The Town” commercial for the ParkMobile app is silly, but, like all the best comedy, it rings true.

Taking this one from the writers room to the screen was truly a pleasure. A chance to flex our creative muscles with a concept is always welcome, and ParkMobile gave us room to play. With this script and its counterpart “Meetings” in hand, we headed out for two action-packed days of shooting in several locations across Atlanta. Busy? Yes. Worth it? Hell yeah! Besides, when your lead actor has the hustle to sprint down city streets again and again without a single complaint, it helps inspire everyone to work a little harder.

Pristinely shot with our Canon C200 camera, this spot is a masterclass in visual storytelling. And, of course, it got a top-notch color grade to make it really jump off the screen. We couldn’t be prouder of how this turned out. Special shout out to our friends at Two Birds Taphouse for letting us use their awesome space once again!

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