Petco | Unsung Heroes – Episode 5

The dedication of Kansas City-based animal lover, Shannon, is unrivaled.

Petco found a real hero in Kansas City

All of the episodes of Unsung Heroes tell stories of remarkable individuals who truly love animals. But, of all the heroes that Pet Behavior Expert, Victoria Stillwell, and the Petco Foundation uncovered, it’s Shannon Wells’ story that resonates loudest. Thanks to the keen eye of the web-series’ editor, Kelsey Merriam, the importance of Shannon’s work really shines through. As we learn, Shannon’s passion is helping dogs afflicted with parvo. Parvo, as she says, is a nasty disease. However, the steadfast drive that Shannon has for treating dogs that are really sick, is heart warming. And, more importantly, the joy she and her team share with each success is enough to make anyone want to immediately volunteer at a shelter. Moreover, we were elated to give Shannon a moment in the sun, and support her efforts. As great animal-lovers ourselves, this project was close to our hearts. Client: The Petco Foundation + PositivelyProfile: Branded Content



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