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Phillies Blunt | #BeBlunt: Lansing, MI

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Beats & Brands & Blunts… Oh My!

What happens when a brand forsakes what it’s “supposed to be” and instead embraces what it really is? The #BeBlunt campaign that Phillies Blunt ran in the Summer of 2018 shows the amazing rewards you can reap. In activations all over the country, Phillies encouraged consumers to #beblunt — meaning, be real about who you are and live life to the fullest. From pop-ups to house parties, Phillies was anywhere and everywhere that was a good time.

In this video, we traveled to Lansing, MI to capture Phillies activation at Prime Music Festival. To put it lightly: this event was WILD. The frenetic energy of the festival shines through in the edit, as does the ever-present blow-up blunt. But above all, this video showcases Phillies Blunt’s dedication to empowering people to live their best lives. I mean, let’s be blunt: everyone could use a little of that, right?

Client: Phillies Blunt | Profile: Branded Content

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