Industrial Videos

Sometimes the most exciting part of a company is the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. All the moving parts of industrial processes, like manufacturing or packaging, actually makes for super interesting visuals. And despite the precedents, industrial videos don’t just have to be highly technical or filled with numbers. Just look at our gorgeous spot for Shaw Sports Turf. We love this video for the blend of industrial insight and stunning visuals. This type of video gives potential customers full transparency behind a brand’s product, and it’s always super interesting to see how some things come together.

Industrial Videos Portfolio

Arbor Vita8 | Overview

Exceptional 2D and 3D animation brought this overview video to life in a fun and easy-to-digest way.

Aireal photo of Blackhall Studios' film studio space in Atlanta, GA

Blackhall Studios | Promo Video

Check out Atlanta’s own top-of-the-line film and sound stages, Blackhall Studios. A combination of drone footage and 3D text graphics make this promo video POP!

Video thumbnail for corporate video for gas station RaceTrac.

RaceTrac | People Philosophy

Transform a corporate philosophy into an animated video, just like we did for RaceTrac. This video, focused on RaceTrac’s philosophy on employees, will really (gas) pump you up!

GDOT Impact video showing reduced travel delays

GDOT | Impact

Traffic in Atlanta can be… challenging. But GDOT is working hard on improvements and it shows! This corporate video showcases their best achievements with style.

Belt Power


With how much great manufacturing goes on in Georgia, it’s always awesome to see it in action. This industrial video for Belt Power is a prime example of that.

Belt Power


Industrial videos don’t have to be serious. Let us help you put a little humor into your content like we did here for Belt Power.

Industrial Video CXGBS


What is commissioning? The term gets thrown around a lot in the real estate development world, but does that mean everyone really gets it? In this industrial video for CxGBS, we get to the heart of the matter.

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Provide an overview of your business through video. See United Consulting’s approach, created by ECG Productions, an experienced team in industrial video.