Arbor Vita8 | Overview

This animated overview video for Arbor Vita 8 is sleek, dynamic, and informative.

In this overview video, we explain not only why Arbor Vita 8 is a leader in the hemp processing industry, but also about the hemp industry itself. AV8 is one of the south’s largest hemp processors, easing bottlenecks of turning the hemp plant into one of the myriad of products hemp can become. With all of that information packed in, we didn’t want to overload the viewer with visuals. So we turned to our animation department!

Two animators were needed to tackle this project. Seth Johnson, 2D animator, and David Hixon, 3D animator, were just the two for the job! The animation starts with a simple line, which turns into a seed, and then sprouts into a plant. This was all done within AfterEffects. Seth said, “After establishing the basics, the animation explodes into a 3D world, reflecting the vivaciousness of the AV8 brand itself”. That’s where David came in, using Maya to create the hemp field.

Next, the voice of AV8, our own Collin Ingram, stepped into the booth and expertly delivered this info-packed script. After that, the video was ready to educate anyone on hemp processing and why Arbor Vita 8 has an edge over its competitors.




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