Production Industry Insight

Production industry insight is a section where our team takes their knowledge and experience of the production industry and puts it to work for you. The team breaks down what we do on a daily basis. In doing this we can break down our process and help you with your own workflow. Interested in staying creatively focused and organized? Dealing with imposter syndrome? As industry professionals, we’ve been there and we’ve got tips for you.

A Hollywood sound stage at a big movie production, suggesting that someone is moving on up.

Moving On Up

It takes effort to find that perfect job in video production. Nobody starts out on top, and the sooner you realize that the better your success in the industry.

A business woman sits in a chair facing the camera.

How To Handle Business Like A Woman

Handling business like a women sometimes means having to take the testosterone out of a joke or enforce professionalism, especially when some peers may insist otherwise.

Dungeons & Dragons logo

Dungeons & Dragons & Content Creation

Playing Dungeons & Dragons isn’t unlike the creative process at a video production studio. Sound crazy? Roll the dice on this blog post anyways and gain a fun perspective.

A microphone rests on top of an audio engineer sound board.

My Interview With An Audio Engineer

What is an audio engineer and what do they really do in video production? We get to the bottom of this sonically significant role in this thorough interview.