Production Pace: 3 Solid Management Tips!

Production Pace

When It Comes To video production Pace, we’re all working on a tight deadline. 

From finalizing a concept to meeting the production schedule to getting the edits in on time, the clock is always ticking. As a result, any way we’re able to pick up the pace is invaluable.

One particular area that can slow down your production pace is moving around content. I’m talking about upload and download times to send raw footage, or a project draft, out to the right people. What saves the day? High-speed transfer services.

The Need For Speed

Even if a video production project has a lengthy shoot, time is always of the essence. Each day gets planned out, down to the minute. Going into overtime is costly, and may also put you up against another scheduled project.

You get all your footage captured and are then stuck in a black hole of useless time. You have to deliver the media files. Whether you’re sending dailies back to the post-production team that’s off-site or attempting to route a draft cut to get feedback, video files are huge. Without high-speed transfer services you’re stuck waiting for files to move from one place to another, slogging away through digital space.

To avoid this time delay and keep moving on schedule through the post-production process is huge. To get feedback quickly enough to implement it on the next day’s shoot is vital. It can’t happen without speed.

Working the ‘gig’

What you need is the right type of internet connection. It must be fast and reliable, two things that we all know home internet is not. That’s why turning to a high-speed transfer service is the answer when it comes to video files. And, it’s why the vendor you pick should have fiber internet.

Fiber is different. It’s faster, clearer, and able to travel great distances, thanks to the design of the cables. It can also carry more data than any other internet connection.

If you have gigabit fiber, uploads are 100 times faster than what you can accomplish with most other types of connections. Not only that, there’s no difference between upload and download speeds. Gigabit fiber has an average speed of 1,000 megabits per second. It can upload ten photos in less than one second. Think how fast it will move your video content into the cloud. 

High-speed transfer services save Your Production Pace

Now that you know what to look for, don’t settle for high-speed transfer services that aren’t really as fast as they could be. Find a vendor whose connection really is that fast. Make sure they not only have gigabit fiber internet but there is also a dedicated connection just for file transfer. 

Demanding excellence when it comes to moving your files means they’re guaranteed to move fast. You need the speed, and now you know where to find it.

Production Pace

Getting back valuable time

For those still on the lookout for reliable, high-speed transfer services, look no further than ECG Productions. Not only do we give you back valuable time, thanks to our gigabit fiber internet, but we also ensure the success of your upload. Even during the short period your file is going up, a dedicated team member on our end makes sure everything runs smoothly. To learn more about reinforcing your production pace, and start the conversation on all the ways ECG can make your video production project more successful and efficient, contact us today!

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