Pyramid Consulting | 2021 Company Awards Show

2021 Company Awards Show

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Pyramid Consulting for the second time to craft their company awards show video, a project that was both challenging and immensely rewarding. Our first venture into this was in 2020, and it was wonderful to be invited back to bring their vibrant event to the digital realm once again.

This year, the Pyramid team was keen on capturing the same excitement and grandeur of their annual awards ceremony, but in a digital format due to ongoing COVID-19 precautions. They envisioned a superhero theme for the event, a concept that promised both fun and creativity. Our Director of Animation, Seth, took the lead in the pre-production phase, experimenting with various styles to nail the perfect look for the show.

Bringing the Entire Pyramid Consulting Family On Screen

The scope of this year’s project was significantly larger, encompassing the entire Pyramid Consulting organization, which includes a substantial team based in India. This expansion required meticulous organization upfront, a task that saw us working closely with the Pyramid team to gather necessary details such as names, photos, and titles.

Given the project’s post-production nature, we had to be particularly vigilant about the assets we were receiving, especially considering the language barriers with some of the team members based in India. The editing process was a detailed endeavor, with different sections of the video being themed around various superheroes. For instance, the “Ace of Initiative” award segment took inspiration from Captain America, adding a unique and engaging element to the ceremony.

Ready for 2022’s Award Show

We were thrilled to see that the project was very well-received, a testament to the hard work and collaboration that went into its creation. The success of this venture has even paved the way for us to create video content for their live event awards show the following year, a prospect we are eagerly looking forward to.

We are proud to share this glimpse into our journey with Pyramid Consulting’s 2021 Company Awards Show, a project that beautifully blended creativity and collaboration. We are excited to see where this partnership takes us in the coming years.




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