Video Production During the Pandemic

A woman looks into a VR headset to experience a concert remotely.
Whether it's a cancelled sporting event, music festival, or pandemic, video production can be the answer for reaching your audience.
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At this point we’re all just trying to stay afloat among the flood of coronavirus news. But, even with the situation changing hourly, there are a few things that seem like certain outcomes at this point. Mainly, lots of us will be working from home for a while and postponing nearly every event on our social calendars. So, prepared or not, our lives are definitely going to change in the next weeks. But, hear us out, maybe video production can help us adjust in these strange times.

Business Communications

A medical professional tests for the coronavirus hopeing to curb a pandemic.
A medical professional tests various samples for the coronavirus.

At ECG we’ve always known that video is a tool that can be used for so much more than just entertainment. We work regularly with organizations like the CDC and companies in the health care sector to create videos that present information and communicate ideas and solutions to problems. And right now, when so many of us are working remotely, that may be the communication solution we need.

It’s not just videos that can help right now though. Video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts can bring back life to your business communication efforts. It’s just not an option to hit pause on our work and economy. Video makes it possible to keep up productivity while staying safe in our homes. It’s something that can help ease all of our fears amid the iffy economy at the moment.

That’s not to say video can’t be the incredible, entertaining platform it so often serves as. In fact, entertaining content may be exactly the thing we need in times as high-stress as these. And, when our favorite sporting events and music festivals are being postponed or cancelled altogether, video can present an answer there too.

Live events in your home

We all like to think experience is the most important part of any event. But what if that experience is shark tagging off the Atlantic ocean coast in high tide water? That’s a project we started only a few weeks ago. Our client knew that tagging sharks is something not everyone is capable of or willing to do. But, with our 360 video cameras, it is something people will be able to experience through VR headsets.

Now, imagine that you can’t attend your favorite music festival because a virus is spreading and could make you sick. Yeah… sound familiar? And why can’t the same be said of all these events that are on pause at the moment? If people had the option to tune into a live virtual experience of the event, something maybe akin to pay-per-view, it could offer a different experience without having to go without something that so many people were looking forward to and without the harsh economic fallout of cancelling altogether.

We can’t ignore how important virtual reality is proving to be and will be in just a few years. Imagine being able to experience something as amazing as Coachella, without having to leave your living room. It’s an incredible thought at a time like this when a lot of us are choosing to stay home for our health.

Moving forward

There is going to be an other side of this situation. But until then, let’s not be the paralyzed ones. Let’s get creative and start thinking outside the box. Being able to pivot and go in new directions is so important right now and it’s an ability that will always serve us well. We never know what’s around the corner after all!

So, even in times like these we find ways to move forward and we hope you will too. We’re wishing you good health and even better video experiences. Stay safe out there!

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