RaceTrac | Energy Dispatch (Overview Campaign)

This Truck-filled video campaign is FUELED by ingenuity!

“A trucking company, run by truck drivers.”

There is no better way to describe Energy Dispatch. ECG Productions got a chance to take a look behind the scenes at the people who day-in and day-out travel the open road in this ‘energetic’ series of videos for RaceTrac and Energy Dispatch! Filmed through the roads, warehouses, and gas stations, this video series was a fun, yet challenging project.

As the campaign’s Director, Sebastian Chamaca was tasked with showcasing the company culture, and giving a reason as to why it is a valuable place to work at. As part of this, Sebastian got to interview and really dig into how the various workers felt about the company. What he found was a team where each member started from the bottom, and made their way to the top, showcasing a company that allowed for growth, and truly cared about its employees.

Fasten your seatbelts for this emotion-filled set of videos! 

This series of videos features a variety of people, all with unique stories and experiences at Energy Dispatch. Director Sebastian Chamaca mined this wide array of experiences to showcase the emotional core of both this company and this industry as a whole. One of the highlights of the videos is a tale from Billy Spears. Bill recalls the care Energy Dispatch took for their workers during a tornado. It is stories like this that make what could have been a simple corporate video into something truly special. 

Sebastian and Director of Photography, Alesso Graci, use sweeping drone shots and close-ups of the trucks bring these 8-wheeled behemoths to life. This is especially evident in the Equipment video, where the trucks are on vast array of features are on full, beautiful, crisp 4K display. Wouldn’t you want to drive one yourself?

Editing the Testimonial and New Hourly Pay videos was a challenge for new-comers Luis Cuevas and Jon Hall, as it was their first time working on a corporate video. For Luis, the use of music to accentuate emotional beats was essential, while Jon learned and evolved the way he used B-Roll to let the video flow seamlessly.

A video series to take on the open road!

The biggest surprise for the team along the way was just how fun the world of truck n’ fueling is. With a team that truly cares about their work, tear-jerking stories, and memorable interviewees, this series was a joy to create. Whether it be safety, new trucks, or  potential growth, Energy Dispatch showcased the many ways it cares for its employees through the series.

“It’s a project I’m incredibly proud of, as I feel like the vision I saw for it came through in the way that I wanted, but also because of how smooth and fun the process was, from beginning to end,” said Creative Director Sebastian Chamaca. “For that I have my team to thank, I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off if it wasn’t for them!”




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