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Head Of Camera Department & Post Producer

Seb has had a fascination with multimedia content since he was a little kid. While growing up in the burbs of Santiago, Chile, he developed a passion for music production that led him to be in multiple bands and projects throughout high school, recording and producing music as well as filming and editing the occasional video.

After realizing that there was way more to the entertainment business than what’s on the surface, he decided to chase a lifelong dream of being a record producer living in the States and moved to Orlando, FL, where he graduated Valedictorian from the Recording Arts Program at Full Sail University. That’s also where he met life long friend and collaborator, Alesso, and co-founded the Unfaithfools brand.

At some point along the way, Seb realized that, actually, working with bands sucks. After watching ONE Ben Burtt video, he instead decided to focus on Sound Design & Audio Post Production for Film and TV, with his first project being a full feature film movie produced by friends from school (It was a long 4 months). After graduating, Sebastian was an intern at the only Dolby Certified Dubbing stage in the state of Florida, where he got to work on both student films and 3rd party projects, including Netflix, under the wing of veteran, Oscar winning sound editors and mixing engineers like Bill Benton (Score Mixer, Dancing with Wolves), as well as getting glowing demo reel reviews from Gary Rizzo (Re-Recording Mixer, Interstellar, Inception), Mark Kilborn (Sound Designer, Call of Duty) and Frank Scheuring (Sound Designer, Planet Earth).

Shortly after, this Chilean boy moved to Atlanta, where he somehow found his way to interning at ECG Productions in 2018. Aside from doing sound work, Seb took a quick interest in cameras and editing, production lighting, working on the website, taking pictures, heck he even made a buncha Blu-Rays that one time. At this point if there’s an Adobe app that can do it, he’s probably gonna get asked to figure it out. He’ll always be happy to do it.

He essentially lives at the office, but on his down time you can probably catch him either making music, at band practice, working on personal & outside projects, having a heated discussion about picture profile/what the best mixing headphones are, or binge watching some Netflix show with Alesso.

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