Longbow Advantage | Rebus NOW 2022 Conference Highlights

This fun conference highlight video for Rebus will surely make you wish you were there NOW!

In 2022 ECG was tasked with covering Rebus NOW 2022, a conference held by Longbow filled with speakers, awards, and fun times. This was the second time covering the conference, taking the party over to Boston, MA. This time the team was made up of Alesso Graci, Emily Payton, and Sebastian Chamaca. The two-day shoot was made up of interviews and event coverage.

The celebrations began with a welcome dinner, giving guests a chance to get to know each other and show their excitement. But this was just the beginning. The next day was bustling with exciting breakout sessions, informative speakers, and revelations about the future of the industry. Finally, the boat party capped off the fun times with food, drinks, music, and awards. Through a series of interviews, guests explained their excitement for the conference, and in particular the many great speakers such as Jeff Ma. 

There was a true sense of camaraderie after so much time meeting digitally. This was the first time many of these industry leaders and workers got to meet. In order to cover the event a set-up of two BlackMagic Pocket 6Ks, our trusty Chicken (aka the Ronin Cinema 4D), and a Sony a7III was indispensable. 

The post-production process proved to be a new challenge for editor Luis Cuevas. With the guidance of Sebastian Chamaca, Luis was able to guide the edit through the music, showing how much fun the conference was. In between interviews with excited attendees, the highlight video showed the great food, drinks, speakers, and awards so many people gathered to enjoy. 

“The Longbow team was fantastic as usual,” Sebastian Chamaca said. “They were extremely accommodating, made us feel part of the celebrations, and generally made our jobs easy and pleasant.”




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