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Two days. Six locations. That’s how we rolled for this broadcast commercial for Resurgens Orthopaedics. 

From shots of acrobatic high diving in the morning, to taking a knee for a proposal in the afternoon, we embodied the active lifestyle Resurgens represents!

To say scripting this commercial was a challenge would be an understatement. We spent weeks nailing down the perfect visuals. We referenced demographic data, went back and forth on activities, and, of course, ensured our locations were viable! Lead Producer Mary Winter undertook herculean tasks in casting a real expert diver, and finding a convenient high dive! Luckily, our friends at Georgia Tech obliged on both counts. We were at their pool before the sun one winter morning, watching some truly spectacular talent at work. And no we don’t just mean the diver! Director of Photography and ace drone pilot Trey Gregory captured stunning footage of our amazing athlete.

But the drone heroics didn’t stop there. After leaving Tech, we raced up to Smynra to catch the sunrise for gorgeous biking shots along the Silver Comet trail. Then, in the afternoon, we were on to Resurgens’ own offices to shoot with one of their many awesome doctors! You might think a doctor wouldn’t know how to play to the camera, but Dr. Schneider proved a natural performer. We fought hard for the shots we wanted in that tight, dimly lit doctor’s office, but with Director Jordan Nowlin’s steady hand at the helm, we finished off a long but rewarding day of production. 

However, that was just half of it! From golf courses to Atlanta’s famed ferris wheel, Mary Winter and Assistant Director Cameron Shaw kept the production train rolling. They worked in tandem to manage the clock, corral the parade of talent, and keep to the all-important shot list. 

The leap to post-production saw Cameron take off his AD helmet and put on his Editor cap. Visual effects wizard Seth Johnson integrated 3D text graphics that work seamlessly with the edit, enhancing the message without becoming burdensome or confusing. That included placing text at the bottom of a pool using Adobe After Effects. Moreover, using a random light generator of his own creation, Seth mimicked the light dispersion cast by the water in the pool. Then he blended his look with the real thing to make the difference undetectable.

With all that went into this project, it’s no wonder we consider it one of our best Resurgens spots to date! It flows effortlessly despite all the moving parts, signaling a true team effort and total success. Was it easy? No. But the rewards were great, and when it comes to getting the job done, we share Resurgens’ motto: No excuses!




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