Sebacia | Medical Process Animation

We go under the skin in our medical explainer for Sebacia’s neat new acne treatment.

When our friends at Marbury Creative approached us with another medical explainer project, we jumped at the chance to flex our 3D animation muscles. The video was for Sebacia, a company rolling out an interesting new acne treatment. The treatment starts with the application of a liquid containing gold microparticles on the skin. Then a laser safely heats the skin, causing the gold to heat up and eventually contract the oil glands. They shrink over time with treatments, and produce less oil, which means less acne.

David Hixon, ECG’s main 3D animator and project lead, also had to revisit high school biology class when constructing the models. As often is the case, these types of videos require a bit more back and forth from the client and our team. Our client provides us with the science and medical facts, and we make it look good and easily understandable to all audiences.

The toughest part was getting the skin cross-section exactly right. It involved taking detailed medical diagrams and paring it down to the essential information involved in the procedure. Leaving too much detail in would derail the focus from Sebacia’s procedure. But, paring back the model also meant the details we left in had to be perfect. It took David a few tries to get the hair follicle the perfect tapered shape!

After David finished the model, Animator Seth bought it into After Effects to animate it. After that, it was ready to be deployed for use in trade shows and dermatologists’ offices alike. We always harp on about how great animation can present complicated materials in an easy-to-digest way. You don’t have to look any further than here for the proof!




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